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Calendars and Meetings

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Provides invasive species-related Calendar and Meetings resources.

Selected Resources

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European and Mediterranean Plant Protection Organization.

Great Lakes Commission.

The Great Lakes Calendar features events from around the region that may be of interest to Great Lakes stakeholders, with a focus on professional conferences and events relevant to research, science, policy, and education.

UNFAO. International Plant Protection Convention.

UNFAO. International Plant Protection Convention.

North American Invasive Species Management Association.

RiversEdge West.

Since 2001, RiversEdge West (formerly known as the Tamarisk Coalition) has been conducting riparian restoration research conferences and symposiums with a focus on impacts to riverside habitat in the arid western U.S. These gatherings are driven by RiversEdge West's commitment to advance the knowledge and practice of riparian restoration.
Federal Government
International Government

European Commission. Joint Research Centre.


International Organisation for Biological Control.

Weed Science Society of America.

American Phytopathological Society.

Ecological Society of America.

Entomological Society of America.

European Weed Research Society.

International Union of Forest Research Organizations.