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Conferences and Events

Provides Conferences and Events information related to invasive species. The calendar displays events for the previous two years as they can be helpful in finding relevant experts and papers.

See also: Calendars and Meetings for invasive species-related conference calendars on other Web sites, and Public Awareness Campaigns for additional awareness-related events.

Please Note: If you would like to suggest an invasive species-related conference or event for inclusion on our calendar, please Contact Us.

Events from this date forward:

January 2022

Date: Jan 11, 2022 to Jan 13, 2022
Venue: Virtual
Date: Jan 11, 2022 to Jan 12, 2022
Venue: Virtual
Notes: The Columbia Basin AIS Team will assemble to share updates and discuss AIS issues concerning the Columbia Basin.
Date: Jan 12, 2022
Notes: The Program Committee for the Annual USDA Interagency Research Forum held a conference call on August 27 to discuss the 2022 meeting.  Current Departmental restrictions on travel and budgets, related to the global COVID  situation, preclude authorizing an in-person meeting. The Committee therefor focused on whether or not we should consider organizing a virtual meeting.  It was the unanimous decision of the Committee that we were not in favor of organizing a virtual meeting and, with regret, have cancelled the 2022 Research Forum.
Date: Jan 12, 2022 to Jan 13, 2022
Sponsor: Society for Ecological Restoration
Venue: Virtual
Contact: Alexis Larsen
Notes: Theme: "Bridging the Gap: Connecting Native Plant Materials Development with Successful Habitat Restoration"
Date: Jan 19, 2022 to Jan 20, 2022
Venue: Virtual
Notes: Join us for two half days (12:30-5pm ET) at the annual symposium of the Regional Invasive Species and Climate Change (RISCC) Management network, bringing together natural resource managers, scientists, and the invasive species community to discuss challenges and solutions to incorporating climate change into invasive species management. This year’s list of topics range from marine invasive species risks to forest carbon mitigation and floodplain forest restoration. We’ll also hear stories from resource managers about how they address these challenges.
Date: Jan 20, 2022
Sponsor: Hosted by the Canadian Council on Invasive Species (CCIS) in partnership with the Ontario Invasive Plant Council (OIPC) and their committee, the Ontario Phragmites Working Group (OPWG).
Venue: Virtual
Notes: This national virtual event will provide a snapshot on the state and spread of “Canada’s worst invasive plant”, Phragmites australis (AKA European Common Reed), and its impacts on species at risk, habitats, communities and infrastructure across Canada in the face of a changing climate.
Date: Jan 24, 2022 to Jan 27, 2022
Venue: AT&T Executive Education and Conference Center
Location: Austin, Texas 
Date: Jan 26, 2022
Sponsor: University of Massachusetts Extension
Venue: Virtual - webinar
Notes: Are you a land manager and have been receiving requests for more information about so-called "jumping/snake worms"? Are you a homeowner who is looking to learn more, ask questions, or perhaps you just found jumping worms on your property in 2021? Join UMass Extension as we welcome scientists who specialize in jumping/snake worm research to discuss the latest understanding of these earthworms. How to identify jumping/snake worms, what their potential impacts are, and the latest research into how we might manage them to be discussed.

February 2022

Date: Feb 01, 2022 to Feb 03, 2022
Sponsor: Invasive Species Centre (Canada).
Venue: Virtual
Notes: The Invasive Species Forum is an annual event that brings attention to invasive species issues, research, and advances in prevention and management occurring across Canada, and in neighbouring U.S. States. The Invasive Species Forum will showcase speakers from around the world, on a diverse array of invaive species topics.
Date: Feb 08, 2022 to Feb 10, 2022
Sponsor: River Restoration Northwest
Venue: Skamania Lodge
Location: Stevenson, Washington 
Notes: Rescheduled from 2021.
Date: Feb 08, 2022 to Feb 10, 2022
Sponsor: Saskatchewan Prairie Conservation Action Plan (SK PCAP)
Venue: Virtual
Date: Feb 21, 2022 to Feb 24, 2022
Sponsor: Organized jointly between the Weed Science Society of America and the Canadian Weed Science Society.
Location: Vancouver, British Columbia Canada
Date: Feb 23, 2022 to Feb 25, 2022
Sponsor: RiversEdge West (formerly known as the Tamarisk Coalition)
Location: Grand Junction, Colorado 
Date: Feb 23, 2022 to Feb 24, 2022
Venue: River Woods Conference Center
Location: Logan, Utah 
Date: Feb 24, 2022 to Feb 25, 2022
Sponsor: U.S. Department of Agriculture
Venue: Virtual
Notes: More than one hundred government, industry, and academic leaders will share their perspectives and insights on a wide array of topics including commodity and food price outlooks, U.S. and global agricultural trade developments, climate change, and innovations in agricultural production and sustainability.
Date: Feb 27, 2022 to Mar 03, 2022
Venue: Grand Geneva Resort and Spa
Location: Lake Geneva, Wisconsin 
Date: Feb 28, 2022 to Mar 04, 2023
Venue: Nationwide
Notes: NISAW is an international event to raise awareness about invasive species, the threat that they pose, and what can be done to prevent their spread. Representatives from local, state, federal, and regional organizations discuss legislation, policies, and improvements that can be made to prevent and manage invasive species.
Date: Feb 28, 2022 to Mar 03, 2022
Venue: Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel
Location: Denver, Colorado 
Contact: Michelle Marquart
Phone: 217-244-8174
Notes: Rescheduled from 2021. Theme: Implementing IPM Across Borders and Disciplines

March 2022

Date: Mar 07, 2022 to Mar 11, 2022
Venue: DoubleTree Reid Park
Location: Tucson, Arizona 
Contact: Doug Kleweno
Date: Mar 07, 2022 to Mar 10, 2022
Venue: Grand Sierra Resort
Location: Reno, Nevada 
Date: Mar 07, 2022 to Mar 10, 2022
Venue: Hyatt Regency Newport Beach
Location: Newport Beach, California 
Date: Mar 14, 2022 to Mar 18, 2022
Venue: Virtual
Date: Mar 16, 2022 to Mar 18, 2022
Sponsor: International Association for Great Lakes Research
Location: Cleveland, Ohio 
Date: Mar 22, 2022 to Mar 24, 2022
Venue: Cal Poly University
Location: San Luis Obispo, California 
Contact: Kelly Ivors

April 2022

Date: Apr 04, 2022 to Apr 07, 2022
Sponsor: International Organisation for Biological Control; University of Sheffield. Institute for Sustainable Food.
Venue: Endcliffe Village
Location: Sheffield,  United Kingdom
Notes: Rescheduled from 2020 to 2022.
Date: Apr 04, 2022 to Apr 08, 2022
Venue: Saint Raphael Hotel and Resort
Location: Limassol,  Cyprus
Contact: Dimitris Tsaltas
Phone: (+357) 25 002 545
Notes: Rescheduled from 2020.
Date: Apr 07, 2022
Sponsor: Long Island Invasive Species Management Area; Long Island Native Plant Initiative.
Venue: Virtual
Date: Apr 18, 2022 to Apr 22, 2022
Venue: Thermae Palace Hotel
Location: Oostende,  Belgium
Contact: Elizabeth Muckle-Jeffs
Phone: 800-868-8776
Notes: The International Conference on Aquatic Invasive Species (ICAIS) is the most comprehensive international forum to address new and emerging issues related to aquatic invasive species in freshwater, marine and estuarine environments. ICAIS provides an international platform for the presentation of aquatic invasive species research that pertains to species biology, risk assessment, prevention, management and control methods, ecological and ecosystem impacts and restoration, outreach and policy.

May 2022

Date: May 01, 2022 to May 06, 2022
Sponsor: Organized by the European Society of Nematology
Venue: Palais des Congrès
Location: Antibes Juan-les-Pins,  France
Notes: Rescheduled from 2021 to 2022. Theme: "Crossing borders: a world of nematode diversity and impact to discover"
Date: May 03, 2022 to May 05, 2022
Venue: Royal Pines Resort
Location: Benowa, Queensland Australia
Notes: Rescheduled from 2021. The Symposium will once again focus on biosecurity prevention and provide the opportunity to share research and innovation, explore outside-of-the-box thinking and exchange knowledge and ideas across the biosecurity collective – agriculture (animals and plants), pest animals, weeds, wildlife, aquatics, humans and the environment.
Date: May 14, 2022 to May 20, 2022
Sponsor: Consortium of Aquatic Science Societies
Venue: DeVos Place
Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan 
Date: May 15, 2022 to May 19, 2022
Sponsor: Hosted by the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center’s Marine Invasions Lab
Location: Annapolis, Maryland 
Date: May 24, 2022 to May 26, 2022
Sponsor: Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy; U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.
Venue: Lakeshore Convention Center
Location: Muskegon, Michigan 

June 2022

Date: Jun 13, 2022 to Jun 17, 2022
Venue: Sheraton Sand Key Resort
Location: Clearwater Beach, Florida 
Notes: The theme of the conference is: sequence, mechanism, application. The conference will focus on genomics, diagnostics, epidemiology, virulence mechanism, plant defense, and disease control of members of the genus Xanthomonas and Xylella.
Date: Jun 13, 2022 to Jun 17, 2022
Sponsor: International Aquatic Plants Group
Venue: Aarhus University
Location: Aarhus,  Denmark
Notes: Rescheduled from 2020 to 2022.
Date: Jun 20, 2022 to Jun 23, 2022
Venue: Eugenides Foundation
Location: Athens,  Greece
Date: Jun 20, 2022 to Jun 26, 2022
Venue: Hotel Štekl
Location: Hluboká nad Vltavou,  Czech Republic
Notes: Rescheduled to 2022. Keynote Speaker: Advancing invasion ecology using crayfish as model alien species
Date: Jun 26, 2022 to Jul 01, 2022
Venue: Da­vos Con­gress Cent­re
Location: Davos,  Swit­z­er­land
Notes: Hybrid in-person/virtual event.
Date: Jun 26, 2022 to Jul 01, 2022
Sponsor: International Union of Forest Research Organizations
Venue: University of New Hampshire
Location: Durham, New Hampshire 
Date: Jun 28, 2022 to Jul 01, 2022
Venue: Corum Conference Centre
Location: Montpellier,  France
Notes: Rescheduled from 2020 to 2022. Includes a session on "The Physiology and Control of Invasive Species".

July 2022

Date: Jul 03, 2022 to Jul 08, 2022
Location: Assisi,  Italy
Phone: +39 075 5856465
Notes: Rescheduled to 2022.
Date: Jul 17, 2022 to Jul 22, 2022
Location: Helsinki,  Finland
Notes: Rescheduled from 2020 to 2022. Includes sections on "Biological Control And Insect Pathology" and "Invasive Species And Regulatory Entomology".
Date: Jul 31, 2022 to Aug 03, 2022
Venue: Hilton Denver City Center
Location: Denver, Colorado 

August 2022

Date: Aug 01, 2022 to Aug 03, 2022
Sponsor: Resource Institute, Inc.
Venue: Gaylord Opryland Resort
Location: Nashville, Tennessee 
Notes: Rescheduled from 2020 to 2022.
Date: Aug 06, 2022 to Aug 10, 2022
Sponsor: American Phytopathological Society
Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 
Notes: The 2022 annual meeting theme is "Warming Up to Change," which​ will explore the profound changes in plant health research, education, and engagement driven by transformations in climate, technology, and society.

September 2022

Date: Sep 06, 2022 to Sep 08, 2022
Sponsor: Natural Areas Association
Location: Duluth, Minnesota 
Notes: Theme: "Superior Visions: Navigating Complexity Amid Constant Change"
Date: Sep 12, 2022 to Sep 18, 2022
Sponsor: European Large Lakes Association; International Association for Great Lakes Research
Location: Petrozavodsk,  Russia
Date: Sep 13, 2022 to Sep 16, 2022
Sponsor: European Group on Biological Invasions
Location: Tartu,  Estonia
Date: Sep 14, 2022 to Sep 16, 2022
Sponsor: CAB International.
Location: The Hague,  Netherlands
Notes: Rescheduled from 2020 to 2022. The PHAB conference will foster growth in plant health innovation and sustainability by driving collaborations, business opportunities, investments, and knowledge. It is the ultimate platform for connecting academics and researchers, business leaders and investors, global policymakers, governmental, foundation, and philanthropic funders. An emerging hotspot for agri-tech, ecological and environmental focused companies, the Netherlands is the place to be for the movers and shakers of the plant-health field.
Date: Sep 25, 2022 to Sep 29, 2022
Sponsor: Weed Management Society of South Australia
Venue: Adelaide Oval
Location: Adelaide,  Australia
Contact: Loren Revell-Karutz
Phone: 08 8332 3277
Notes: Rescheduled from 2020 to 2022.
Date: Sep 27, 2022 to Sep 29, 2022
Venue: Pompeu Fabra University
Location: Barcelona,  Spain
Contact: William H. Robinson

October 2022

Date: Oct 24, 2022 to Oct 26, 2022
Sponsor: International Association for Great Lakes Research
Location: Traverse City, Michigan 
Date: Oct 25, 2022 to Oct 27, 2022
Sponsor: Invasive Plants Association of Wisconsin; Midwest Invasive Plant Network; Minnesota Invasive Species Advisory Council.
Venue: KI Convention Center
Location: Green Bay, Wisconsin 
Phone: 630-719-5649

December 2022

Date: Dec 04, 2022 to Dec 10, 2022
Sponsor: International Weed Science Society
Venue: Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park
Location: Bangkok,  Thailand
Notes: Rescheduled from 2020 to 2022.

August 2023

Date: Aug 28, 2023 to Aug 31, 2023
Sponsor: International Organisation for Biological and Integrated Control (IOBC)
Location: Brest,  France
Contact: Laure Dreux
Notes: Rescheduled from 2020.