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Ask a Question

If you would like to Ask a Question about an invasive species-related issue, give NISIC feedback, or suggest an invasive species resource, please submit the form below to send us a message.

A valid email address is required for a response. Questions are answered by the NISIC Coordinator or by a staff Librarian.

If you have a general agricultural-related question, please contact NAL's reference staff for assistance.

For invasive species policy-related questions and media requests for interviews, please contact the National Invasive Species Council staff.

Please Note:

  • The large numbers of invasive species prevent us from maintaining detailed information on ALL invasive species. In addition, determining the invasiveness of a species depends on a number of local factors, including the type of habitat.
  • We do not set laws or legislation, nor can we address legal issues.
  • We cannot identify species nor do we handle reports of suspected invasive species. For assistance please see our resources:
  • We also cannot answer specific homework questions for you, but we can assist with your research. We have very limited staff resources and we are unable to participate in interviews for school projects.

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