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Golden Mussel

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Golden mussel
Golden mussel - Photo by Gustavo A. Darrigran; Professor of National University of La Plata, Argentina
Scientific Name: 

Limnoperna fortunei (Dunker, 1857) (CABI)

Common Name: 

Golden mussel

Native To: 

China and Southeastern Asia

Date of U.S. Introduction: 

Not introduced

Means of Introduction: 

Has invaded South America through ballast water, and could be introduced to North America through ballast water (Global Invasive Species Database 2005)


Threatens native biodiversity, suffocate and starve out native bivalves and produce macrofouling in water systems (Global Invasive Species Database 2005)

Current U.S. Distribution: 
Not currently established


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Council or Task Force

Alberta Invasive Species Council (Canada).

See also: Fact Sheets for more information about individual invasive species, including those listed as "Prohibited Noxious" and "Noxious" under the Alberta Weed Control Act


DOCNOAA. Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory; DOIUSGS. Wetland and Aquatic Research Center.

World Conservation Union. Invasive Species Specialist Group.

Ontario's Invading Species Awareness Program (Canada).

Federal Government
State and Local Government

University of California. Agriculture and Natural Resources. California Aquatic Invasive Species.

University of Wisconsin Sea Grant.
Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council (Michigan).


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